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About Time (2013)

Sunday, 16 December 2012, 1:56 | Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi | 0 Comment | 1491 Views
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Director: Richard Curtis
Writer : Richard Curtis (screenplay)
Stars : Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy

THE BUZZ: Anna Karenina seems to have put Domhnall Gleeson on the minds of studio casting agents; the young Irishman has vaulted to the top of the pile of actors who are testing for this, testing for that … In terms of the latest from Richard Curtis (Love Actually), we’ll see how Gleeson and co-star Rachel McAdams handle a story that makes us wonder if Nicholas Sparks has a sibling who is a mystical, sci-fi lover.

Plot Summary From Movie About Time (2013)
At the age of 21, Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) discovers he can travel in time… The night after another unsatisfactory New Year party, Tim’s father (Bill Nighy) tells his son that the men in his family have always had the ability to travel through time. Tim can’t change history, but he can change what happens and has happened in his own life-so he decides to make his world a better place…by getting a girlfriend. Sadly, that turns out not to be as easy as you might think. Moving from the Cornwall coast to London to train as a lawyer, Tim finally meets the beautiful but insecure Mary (Rachel McAdams). They fall in love, then an unfortunate time-travel incident means he’s never met her at all. So they meet for the first time again-and again-but finally, after a lot of cunning time-traveling, he wins her heart. Tim then uses his power to create the perfect romantic proposal… Written by Universal Pictures

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Cast Movie From About Time (2013)
Rachel McAdams … Mary
Bill Nighy
Domhnall Gleeson … Tim
Lee Asquith-Coe … Bin Man
Rowena Diamond … Party Guest
Tom Hollander
Margot Robbie … Charlotte
Matt Butcher … Courtroom Observer
Lindsay Duncan
Vanessa Kirby … Joanna
Catherine Steadman
Lisa Eichhorn … Mary’s Mum
Will Merrick
Joshua McGuire
Lydia Wilson

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About Time (2013) Free Movie Streaming Full In HD

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